About Us


Welcome  to McAdamations the official website of artist Michelle McAdams .  I am  a self taught artist working in a variety of mediums, specializing in  Colored Pencil , graphite/charcoal and Pastel. 

I  grew up idolizing the well known wildlife artist Robert Bateman, and  dreamed of being able to paint as beautifully as him.  I attempted to  take art classes in college to pursue my interest but found that I hated  art classes!  Instead I studied Wildlife Biology at Colorado State  University where my love and appreciation for wildlife grew. My  professional career took another path, and years later I again yearned  to follow my dream of becoming an artist.  The internet offered so many  more opportunities to learn different mediums and through some trial and  error I found what I needed to learn on my own.  I joined ArtTutor  where I learned techniques in numerous mediums.  I found that I loved  Colored Pencil and Pastels, and have since focused my efforts in those  mediums while throwing in graphite/charcoal on occasion.   In the  future, I hope to develop my skills and branch out into acrylic and oil  painting.

They  say that to succeed as an artist it is best to develop a style that is  recognizable.  I am still searching for that particular style as I have  many interests and love drawing just about anything.  Wildlife has  always been my first love and my first choice as a subject for my  original works.  My daughter and I spend a great deal of time searching  out and photographing critters of all sorts to use as reference photos  for my work.  

My  commission work began with pet portraits for family and friends.  My  goal was to provide a piece of art that captured the animals  personality.  Taking a quality reference photo, I am able to isolate the  pet, and often I am able add a background that is much more pleasing  than the original photograph.  

I  was surprised later to find out that I enjoy drawing human critters as  well!  I am fortunate to be commissioned by the National Collegiate  Hockey Conference to draw the winners for the annual Mark Rudolph Achievement Award.

I have such a deep respect for the Military and plan to complete more  Military themed pieces in the near future.  

I just love creating art and having people enjoy what I create!